You’ve been hacked… What happens next?


Every day, businesses and organization are at risk of cybersecurity breaches and ransomware attacks. Will you be ready?

Picture this: You wake up to find out your entire IT infrastructure has been hit with ransomware. What options do you have? Did you have a backup solution and if so, did it work? It’s something we hear about in the news constantly. It’s these types of events that keep you and your customers up at night.

During this webinar Redstor will look at the revolutionary steps companies should take to fully protect themselves from tomorrow’s bad actors, or in many cases themselves.
• Changing Threat Landscapes |Today’s backup solutions may not have the appropriate resources to protect you.

• Smarter Backup and Recovery | Capitalizing on backup and recovery platforms that integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This webinar is best suited for business and technical leaders.

Speaker: Matt Scully, Channel Chief, Redstor