The Modern Approach to Appointment Scheduling and Why it Matters


Tune in for an engaging webinar on how best-in-class MSPs handle appointment scheduling and why it makes a significant impact in how clients perceived their MSP. A recent ASCII poll revealed that only 14% of ASCII survey respondents use appointment scheduling software while a combined 49% don’t see the point (15%), don’t know what it is (18%), or “prefer to things the old-fashioned way” (13%). If you’re in this group or just haven’t gotten around to it yet (37% of respondents) be sure to join us for a conversation around how you can stop wasting time on scheduling ping pong, but more importantly, how to stop wasting your clients’ time.

Seth Wilson is Director, Marketing at TimeZest and has spent his career at the intersection of professional services and technology. He’s worked at an MSP, ad agency, and a variety of SaaS providers that help businesses grow by providing a superior client experience.