Monetizing Google and Yahoo’s Email Authentication Changes as an MSP


This webinar is designed to assist MSPs in optimizing email delivery for their clients by ensuring compliance with major Email Service Providers, such as Google and Yahoo. Simultaneously, we’ll showcase ways to monetize DMARC and introduce strategies that open new doors for customer acquisition and cross-selling opportunities.

Here’s what we have in store:
– Dive into the latest authentication guidelines by Google and Yahoo.
– Get a quick intro to DMARC and discover its growing market demand.
– Learn the ropes of building a Revenue-Driven DMARC Strategy.
– Join us for a Live Q&A session with DMARC experts.

Speaker: Mike Anderson, Channel Director at EasyDMARC
Mike Anderson is an expert at implementing startup marketing and sales campaigns that generate leads consistently into an enterprise business. His expertise spans critical technology challenges across sectors like technology, SaaS, and Outsourcing, leaving a significant impact on companies including EasyDMARC, Inbox Mailers, RedLime Solutions, EdgeMicro, Fujitsu Consulting, ITBoost, Quarto Labs, Network Elites, and Bob Howard Toyota.

Mike’s track record includes securing multiple outsourcing deals exceeding $10 million, covering areas such as cloud infrastructure, managed print services, and infrastructure as a service. Renowned for adeptly managing complex planning cycles, Mike excels in million-dollar-plus consulting deals marked by extended complexities and collaborative approaches. His expertise lies not just in overcoming intricate challenges but also in fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.