From Compliance to Security: Why MSPs Need to Go Beyond Checkboxes


In this eye-opening webinar, SOCSoter discusses why and how MSPs need to go beyond checkboxes when it comes to their cybersecurity. Ask yourself, “am I doing enough to stay ahead of evolving threats and regulations?” We will cover the top critical topics that every MSP needs to know. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge and enhance your services, so you can offer your clients the peace of mind they deserve.

1. Incident Response: Are you equipped with the tools and knowledge to respond to incidents quickly and effectively?
2. FTC Guidelines: Have you explored these guidelines in detail and discussed how to ensure compliance?
3. CMMC: Are you discussing the impact of the changes CMMC is making and what MSPs need to do to stay ahead of the curve?

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to take your businesses to the next level and provide your clients with the comprehensive solutions they need.