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TeleHealth Program

Below are instructions on how to activate this ASCII member benefit. 

Note: so we can best manage the process for each member who has interest in this program, please do not post benefit/pricing details on ASCII-Link as each member needs to go through this same process. 

Community Benefit Details and Instructions:

Community Benefit and Instructions:

ASCII has negotiated complimentary telehealth for all ASCII members with no medical exam needed. This benefit is good for up to 9 employees including 1099 and part-time.

To verify you are an ASCII member, please use the contact button below, an automated message will be sent to the program contact with your contact information as to follow up with you directly. To gain access, the only requirement to receive the telehealth service is that you must allow Colonial to present to your employees about at least two of their voluntary benefits. Colonial will first speak with you for about 20 minutes to review all of this, and then about 30 minutes with your employees/1099’s to explain the voluntary insurance program to them. ASCII members who have already reviewed the program have told us the calls are very friendly, no-pressure calls and they’ve been impressed by the benefits.

After the call with the employees, you/your employees can use the telehealth service regardless of whether anyone buys additional coverage through Colonial.

Pricing provided to you as a member of The ASCII Group, is considered confidential and not to be shared outside of your organization.

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