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ASCII COMMUNITY BENEFIT:  Become a certified CRR or CRR Team GOLD and show your commitment to clients and even enhance your reputation as a trusted security advisor! SOCSoter is offering you the benefit of expert guidance to create a plan of action, because we know in the event of a security breach or cyber-attack, time is of the essence. With a total value of over $5000 per person, we extend this program FREE to ASCII Members.  

Become a Cyber Ready Responder” Today!

Protecting customers from cyber-attacks is not easy, the adversary is strong and smart while the threat space is vast and growing.  SOCSoter is excited to announce our newest benefit exclusively for ASCII members.

The Cyber Ready Responder Program.

Let your customers know you are ready to respond to anything that comes their way.  Give them the level of confidence and trust that you have the tools and knowledge needed when (not if) the time comes.

This benefit program was designed to help MSPs (Managed Service Providers) achieve response capabilities and understand the increased requirements of responding to an attack. Our team will be a partner in guiding you through the best practices to develop an incident response plan (IRP) that takes enables MSP’s to immediately respond to cyber-attacks. In the event of compromise, member organizations will benefit from these resources, enabling a better response to ensure that incidents are resolved quickly and effectively.

When you register to become a “Cyber Ready Responder” (CRR) you are going the extra mile to ensure you have the best IRP (incident response plan) in the event of compromise. Customers of member organizations will have peace of mind knowing that their data is protected by a Certified CRR. This benefit program was built by SOCSoter experts as a training course but designed to be digestible for any MSP (Managed Service Providers), no matter their experience in incident response. Registering to become a CRR starts you on a path to a guaranteed strong plan of action to protect organizations. We have broken this program into 3 phases: eligibility, performance, and skill. As you complete these phases you will be awarded with badges of honor showing your progression in incident response development.

Covered in the Cyber Incident Response Capability Program:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Detection and Classification
  • Collection and Analysis
  • Containment and Eradication
  • Remediation and Recovery
  • Assessment and Reporting


Becoming a CRR gives MSPs the ability to follow a guided path of training become armed with the needed capabilities to detect and respond to cyber-attacks. The first step in our program is our team of professionals will invite you to a one-hour IRP session to review the current documentation that is in place, help us understand what you know about incident response and then validate the plan is effective.

Note: If you do not have an incident response, we will take that opportunity to assist in developing a strong plan with you.  SOCSoter will provide helpful materials and customizable steps that will make sure your incident response plan considers the specific risks and threats to your customers.


Developing an effective incident response plan does not stop there, each organization has unique needs and vulnerabilities. To become an official “Cyber Ready Responder” you must complete training and eligibility requirements that are provided to include courses on effective services that detect, respond, and defend against cyber threats.


Now that you are a Cyber Ready Responder you can begin to go further and take courses on cyber specialties. Using the free tools and opportunities, we provide you access to courses on Cloud, Network, Endpoint, and Vulnerability. As you complete and pass these courses individually, you will gain additional honors to your CRR title. Ex. Cloud: CRR-C, Cloud and Network: CRR-CN, Endpoint and Vulnerability: CRR-EV. Once you have passed all five courses and meet the program requirement you will become a Cyber Ready Response Gold or Team Gold (CRR Team – Gold). When you reach this achievement, you will be able to set yourself apart as an MSP that is ready to respond to cyber threats.


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