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Note: so we can best manage the process for each member who has interest in this program, please do not post benefit/pricing details on ASCII-Link as each member needs to go through this same process. 

Community Benefit Details and Instructions:

IMPORTANT: to receive the additional 1% quarterly rebate from ASCII, members must use the following link everytime you purchase – please bookmark the link below and again use every time you visit the Lenovo site to purchase items.

ASCII Member Purchase Perk Link: https://lenovo.vzew.net/c/3888045/1572582/3808 or  using this link: https://bit.ly/ASCII-PERK

How to get started in powering your business with LenovoPRO for Partners:

To set up your PARTNER TIER (NOT B2B) account, ASCII Members can call or set up a time (recommended) with the LenovoPRO for Partners team at 1-866-426-0911 to get the products your customers want with the perks you deserve. This process takes about 15 minutes and you will need your reseller certificate or business id.

Learn more about the benefits here: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/business/reseller-benefits/

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